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21 tracks of hard as nails Skinhead oi rock from Para Elite for your delight. Released on Grey Zone Records and Street Rock Records to which you must check out in my opinion.

Not heard the band before but its in your face patriotic skinhead rock in the vein of old skool oi with a feel of some quite traditional skinhead bands sounding like Condemned 84.

The tracks are hard and to the point and no fuss but just pure impact what you would expect from a skinhead oi band.

Full of energy and aggression and patriotism through out containing some quite powerful lyrics which may put some off.

The whole cd is clear and crisp yet has hard rough edged vocals to which you can chorus along with.

Guitars are simple in places but can be intricate in certain tracks and come across packed full of aggressive riffs and lead breaks just in the right places.

Bass lines are tight and hard and clear with very little muffled sound to which I like. Drumming is again clear and crisp and ticks along quite nice just to get your feet tapping.

The band do come across in the sound and style that they are not to be messed with and they are up for that patriotic ruck.

A good pulsating 21 track cd/album get your teeth into, yep its rough, yep its raw and yes its real.

Not for the faint hearted.


Review Rating 5/5                          Andy Hall

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